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Cheese oil and souvenir

The precious Extravirgin Olive Oil produced from olive groves that surround the region of Malcesine is characterized by its decidedly reduced acidity (0.10 – 0.30 on the average). This particularity gives the oil an extremely delicate flavor, making it the undisputed star in the preparation of traditional dishes of typical Gardesan cuisine. An excellent accompaniment for meat, fish and vegetable, it also tastes delicious on crusty bread, to pick up its deeper notes, releasing all the fragrance and the genuineness that characterize this ancient product.
The hotel Erika propone offers its guests an exclusive selection of oils to purchase for an original gift for friends on your return or simply to continue savoring the characteristic perfumes of the Garda at home.

At hotel Erika, in addition to oil, you may purchase exquisite and genuine cheese products made according to the ancient tradition of the shepherds who once inhabited the Alpine huts.
The milk, very fresh and of trusted provenance, is skillfully handled with the expertise of country-dwellers of the Malcesine region. The slow and natural transformation of the milk provides a cheese of excellent quality, characterized by an intoxicating perfume and an intense and delicious flavor. It is delightful at the end of a meal, and perfect accompanied by a glass of the region’s typical wine.

For your return home, the hotel Erika offers charming and original souvenirs. From the art of sculpting olive wood, delightful objects are obtained, perfect as gifts or to bring a bit of folklore and tradition into your home.