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The Castle

From the XIIth. century the building was divided into a top and bottom part and was made up of three courtyards.

The oldest part is recognisable by the square battlement stone walls, differing from the central part, which has swallow-tail battlements. Scaligera rule was succeeded for sixteen years by Austria, that of the Viscontis and then of the Carraras. After which it was the turn of the Republic of Venice, a rule which lasted 450 years and that brought prosperity to the area, then leaving it in the hands of the Austrians up to the middle of the 1800`s.

Inside the castle there is a little museum which offers visitors the chance to see naturalistic collections and historic relics. Recent years have seen the growth of the custom of choosing this edifice as an ideal place to celebrate weddings; blessed with particular charm it can make the most beautiful day in a couple`s life absolutely special and original.