Massages hotel Erika Malcesine Garda Lake

Hotel Erika - Prop.Fam. Bertamini via Campogrande 8 37018 Malcesine (VR)lago di Garda Tel/Fax ++ 39 045 7400451 P.Iva: 03579380233


Massage is a type of ancient therapy , it is a combination of different movements performed on the body to relieve muscular or articular pain, to tone up the volume of some tissues, but also to preserve and improve physical well-being, relaxing tension and fatigue.

Turning to massage, to lift fatigue, alleviate pain, to relax and allow an easier application of oils and creams on the skin, is lost in the mists of time. Probably, it represents the most ancient form of medical treatment. Relaxing the body itself, after a day of walking, of sunshine, or on the beach is one of the services that from this year the hotel Erika offers its guests.

On request, specialised personnel are able to perform massages aimed at allowing you to draw the maximum benefit throughout your holiday.